Mia Pensa is a self-taught artist creating from her home studio in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Mia has felt drawn to all things creative for as long as she can remember, experimenting with many mediums over the years, including ceramics, working with textiles and digital art. 


Two years ago, with her parents in full support, Mia decided to leave high school early to pursue her art practice full-time. She has since sold her original artworks to collectors all over the world, including USA, Europe and the Middle East.

With a laid-back and aesthetic-appreciating approach to art, Mia's influences range from vintage textiles to eastern ceramics and very often looks to the work of her fellow Australian creatives for inspiring palettes, patterns & textures that speak to her. 

Mia's artworks are elaborately detailed, with her selection of colours, composition and subject carefully selected during her creative process to create the perfect statement painting for any collector or space. 


photos by Nikole Ramsay